The North Dakota Student Association (NDSA) was established in 1969 to ensure students have a voice in the North Dakota University System (NDUS), which helps to manage all 11 public institutions of higher education in North Dakota.  NDSA consists of delegates from each of the 11 public institutions in North Dakota. Each institution is apportioned a number of voting delegates based on student population. The mission of NDSA is to empower students, create collaboration between the student bodies on each campus, give a student perspective on higher education policy, and better the NDUS.

Each month during the academic year, the NDSA holds a General Assembly meeting at one of its member institutions to engage students in higher education policy, hold committee meetings to work on different issues affecting students, and pass resolutions to influence government and university affairs in the state.  Any student, no matter whether they are a member of their Student Government Association or not, has a right to attend NDSA General Assembly meetings.  NDSA is an organization funded by students for the singular interest of students. Each student pays a mandatory fee each semester in order to sustain the operations of the organization. To get involved, contact your school’s NDSA contact known as the Head Delegate.  Their contact information will be listed in the “Head Delegates” option on the “About” tab’s menu.

Each spring, the NDSA General Assembly elects a new Executive Team to handle the day-to-day operations of the organization.  To see our current executives and their positions, head over to the “Executive Team” option on the “About” tab’s menu.  In addition to executive board members, NDSA also has director positions available which allow delegates to get more involved by helping with different projects being spearheaded by members of the Executive Team.  If you’d like more information on the director positions, contact the NDSA President, Jason Fincel.