How to Get Involved

Why Students Should Get Involved

Involvement within the NDSA allows students to advocate for themselves and others at the state level of government while developing professional skills and life-long friendships and connections. Serving as a delegate for your respective institution is a great way of making sure that both you and your institution’s best interests are being considered in the legislature.

The NDSA also provides many opportunities to develop leadership skills through Executive and Director positions that range from short-term projects to year-round responsibilities. In addition, committees and task forces are further involved in topics of interest to the NDSA through research and collaboration. If you or a student you know is passionate about the higher education system and working for the best interest of students, then NDSA is a wonderful way to be heard and be involved.

Every North Dakota higher education student pays a $0.48 fee each semester that funds the North Dakota Student Association and enables the organization to advocate on behalf of students. Therefore, every North Dakota student is a stakeholder in the NDSA and has the opportunity to have their voice heard within our organization.


If you are a student who wishes to get involved with our general assembly, you simply need to reach out to your campus’s Head Delegate. The Head Delegate is the main liaison between a university and the NDSA, and their contact information can be found on the Head Delegate page. 


If you are not a student and wish to either learn more about our organization or speak at one of our meetings, please reach out to our President, Jason Fincel. His information can be found on the Executive Team page.