NDSA business is ran through four different facets. The first being the General Assembly, which consists of the entire delegation coming together to report and decide on important issues as a whole.

Internal Affairs Committee (IAC)

Internal Affairs Committee works on important functions of the NDSA. The school year’s budget, approval of expenditures, and changes to NDSA’s Bylaws and Policies are all present in this committee.

Chair: Julian Clemon (VP-FO)

Student Affairs Committee (SAC)

Student Affairs Committee works on general issues that impact students. The committee has worked on issues regarding student data privacy, behavioral health, diversity & inclusion, and any other topics that students bring forward.

Chair: Christian Walth (VP-Comm)

State Legislative Affairs Committee (SLAC)

State Legislative Affairs Committee is dedicated to advancing the student voice via lobbying. In this committee, they determine what issues are most beneficial and important to the future of students statewide.

Chair: Lydia Kennelly (VP-Gov)