Christian Walth, North Dakota State University

The Outstanding Officer Award is given to an officer on the NDSA Executive Team that the General Assembly believes has gone above and beyond expectations in service to the NDSA and the students of North Dakota.

Christian Walth is a Senior at North Dakota State University double majoring in Political Science and Strategic Communication. During his time as Vice President of Communication, Christian chaired the Student Affairs Committee and Faculty Grading Taskforce and co-chaired the Green Bandana Project Taskforce. He has helped advocate for mental health funding, minority representation and accessibility for NDUS students. He was also awarded the Most Dedicated Delegate award in 2021.

Past Recipients: Casey Orvedal (UND, 2017-2018), Sovi Herring (DSU, 2018-2019), Taylor Toso (UND 2019-2020), Faith Wahl (UND 2020-2021)

Makai Bashir, North Dakota State College of Science

The Outstanding Head Delegate Award is given to the NDSA Head Delegate that has best represented their institution through their commitment to the NDSA and who has worked diligently to foster a strong delegation throughout the academic year.

Makai Bashir is second year student at North Dakota State College of Science majoring in Physical Therapy.

Past Recipients: Madison Nelson-Gira (NDSCS, 2017-2018), Miranda Petrich (UND, 2018-2019), Dawson Dutchak (UND 2019-2020), McKenna Warcken (NDSU 2020-2021)

Garret Fettig, Valley City State University

The Most Dedicated Delegate Award is given to the NDSA Delegate that the General Assembly believes has been the most committed to the organization throughout the academic year.

Garret Fettig is a senior double majoring in English and Communications at Valley City State University, where he serves as the Student Senate Public Relations Manager. Garret has been a member of NDSA since freshman year, and this last year, attended all eight of the NDSA conferences, becoming a familiar face in committee meetings. In these, Garret showed both a willingness to serve, becoming the Public Affairs Council (PAC) Representative, and to engage, using his voice on behalf of ND’s students to ensure ideas were fully developed. During general assemblies, Garret used his writing skills and detail-oriented eye to proofread every resolution put forward, making friendly amendments for clarity and grammar at least once per conference and subsequently ensuring that the NDSA maintained an image as professional and knowledgeable as possible.

Past Recipients: Kevin Gilgallon (MiSU, 2016-2017), Gracie Lian (UND, 2017-2018), Taylor Toso (UND, 2018-2019), Mason Rademacher (NDSU, 2019-2020), Christian Walth (NDSU, 2020-2021)

Katie Fitsimmons, North Dakota University System

The Student Advocate Award is given to any individual – student or non-student – that the General Assembly believes has made a significant, positive improvement to higher education in North Dakota during the academic year.

Katie Fitsimmons earned her Bachelor of Arts in History from Gonzaga University in 2003 and earned her Master of Arts in Leadership in Student Affairs from the University of St.Thomas in 2007. Since then, she has worked in Higher Education for over 12 years, spending much of her time on campuses working in residence life, student activities, student conduct, and service leadership. She currently serves as the Director of Student Affairs at the North Dakota University System and has advocated for transparency and communication between the System Office and the campuses when it comes to legislation, policy, procedures, compliance, and building shared services as well as acting as a resource and advocating for students whenever possible.

Past Recipients: Jared Melville (NDSU, 2016-2017), Lisa Johnson (NDUS, 2017-2018), Kaleb Dschaak (UND, 2018-2019), Eric D. Olson (NDUS, 2019-2020), Mark Sanford (R-North Dakota House of Representatives District 17, 2020-2021)

Gracie Lian, University of North Dakota

The NDSA Legacy Award is given to a student graduating from the North Dakota University System who will not be able to vote in future meetings. The General Assembly must believe that this delegate has made a powerful, positive, and reoccurring contribution to the students of North Dakota and higher education throughout their time at the NDSA.

Past Recipients: Ayaka Ohi (MiSu, 2017-2018), Jared Melville (NDSU, 2018-2019), Mike Moen (MaSU, 2019-2020), Kevin Gilgallon (NDSCS, 2020-2021)