Katherine Kempel, University of North Dakota

The Outstanding Officer Award is given to an officer on the NDSA Executive Team that the General Assembly believes has gone above and beyond expectations in service to the NDSA and the students of North Dakota.

Katherin Kempel is a senior at the University of North Dakota pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Katerine has been a familiar face within the NDSA while being involved for four years. Her work within the executive team has gone way beyond the role by effectively communicating between Head Delegates, the Executive Teams, and NDUS Councils.

Past Recipients: Casey Orvedal (UND, 2017-2018), Sovi Herring (DSU, 2018-2019), Taylor Toso (UND, 2019-2020), Faith Wahl (UND, 2020-2021), Christian Walth (NDSU, 2021-2022), Gina Burtness (VCSU, 2022-2023)

Kiara Radke, Valley City State University

The Outstanding Head Delegate Award is given to the NDSA Head Delegate who has best represented their institution through their commitment to the NDSA and who has worked diligently to foster a strong delegation throughout the academic year.

Kiara Radke is a senior majoring in Business Finance at Valley City State University. Kiara has been a familiar face in the NDSA organization withholding the Head Delegate Role for two years at her institution. She has also held the titles of Director of Finance and the Chief Administrative position.

Past Recipients: Madison Nelson-Gira (NDSCS, 2017-2018), Miranda Petrich (UND, 2018-2019), Dawson Dutchak (UND 2019-2020), McKenna Warcken (NDSU 2020-2021), Makai Bashir (NDSCS, 2021-2022), Tucker Bercier (MaSU, 2022-2023)


The Most Dedicated Delegate Award is given to two NDSA delegates that the General Assembly believes have been the most committed to the organization throughout the academic year.

Carter Gill, Valley City State University

Carter Gill is a Junior majoring in History Education from Valley City State University. This is Carter’s 3rd year being involved within the NDSA. He is a familiar face at the State Legislative Affairs Committee while serving as the Director of Policy, Advocacy, and Research for the 2023-2024 year. Carter has written many resolutions supporting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the NDUS along with other policies and proposed bills in the previous legislative session academically free. He has also testified on behalf of the NDSA at the legislature in the Higher Education Committee.

Hayden Larson, North Dakota State College of Science


Past Recipients: Kevin Gilgallon (MiSU, 2016-2017), Gracie Lian (UND, 2017-2018), Taylor Toso (UND, 2018-2019), Mason Rademacher (NDSU, 2019-2020), Christian Walth (NDSU, 2020-2021), Garret Fettig (VCSU, 2021-2022), Celeste McCash (LRSC, 2022-2023), Connor Ferguson (UND, 2022-2023)

Greg Stemons, North Dakota State Legislature

The Student Advocate Award is given to any individual – student or non-student – that the General Assembly believes has made a significant, positive improvement to higher education in North Dakota during the academic year.

Greg Stemons has served in the North Dakota Legislature for over 5 years. He was on the ND State Board of Higher Education from 2015-2018. And is currently serving in the House and on the ND Veterans Home Governing Board.

Past Recipients: Jared Melville (NDSU, 2016-2017), Lisa Johnson (NDUS, 2017-2018), Kaleb Dschaak (UND, 2018-2019), Eric D. Olson (NDUS, 2019-2020), Mark Sanford (R-North Dakota House of Representatives District 17, 2020-2021), Katie Fitzsimmons (2021-2022), Mike Nath (2022-2023)

Sadie Hanson, University of North Dakota

The NDSA Legacy Award is given to a student graduating from the North Dakota University System who will not be able to vote in future meetings. The General Assembly must believe that this delegate has made a powerful, positive, and reoccurring contribution to the students of North Dakota and higher education throughout their time at the NDSA.

Sadie Hanson graduated from the University of North Dakota with two bachelor’s degrees and a Master’s in Public Administration. Sadie Hanson is a familiar face to the NDSA and the State Board. She has served as a Student Member on the State Board for Higher Education for the past two years, advocating on behalf of the NDSA and all NDUS Students.

Past Recipients: Ayaka Ohi (MiSu, 2017-2018), Jared Melville (NDSU, 2018-2019), Mike Moen (MaSU, 2019-2020), Kevin Gilgallon (NDSCS, 2020-2021), Gracie Lian (UND, 2021-2022), Garret Fettig (VCSU 2022-2023)