Casey Orvedal, UND

The Outstanding Officer Award is given to an officer on the NDSA Executive Team that the General Assembly believes has gone above and beyond expectations in service to the NDSA and the students of North Dakota.

Casey Orvedal of the University of North Dakota received the Outstanding Officer Award for 2017-2018. Casey’s tireless work as NDSA’s Parliamentarian earned him this honor. He ensured committee and General Assembly meetings ran smoothly and in accordance with the policies and bylaws of NDSA. He served as an invaluable resource for conducting policy analyses, reviewing the NDSA Bylaws, and implementing the NDSA structure change. Casey is a junior studying Business Economics.

Madison Nelson-Gira, NDSCS

The Outstanding Head Delegate Award is given to the NDSA Head Delegate that has best represented their institution through their commitment to the NDSA and who has worked diligently to foster a strong delegation throughout the academic year.

Madison Nelson-Gira of the North Dakota State College of Science received the Outstanding Head Delegate Award for 2017-2018. Madison was recognized for this distinction due to his dedication to making sure NDSCS was strongly represented, his constant positivity, his friendliness, and his willingness to work and collaborate with other institutions. Madison embodied everything an outstanding Head Delegate should be. His ability to represent others equally and fairly was further evidenced when President Dschaak appointed him as an ex-officio member of the Executive Team in order to add representation from a two-year institution. After graduating from NDSCS in May 2018, Madison now attends Minnesota State University Moorhead and studies Sports Communication.

Gracie Lian, UND

The Most Dedicated Delegate Award is given to the NDSA Delegate that the General Assembly believes has been the most committed to the organization throughout the academic year.

Gracie Lian of the University of North Dakota received the Most Dedicated Delegate Award for 2017-2018. Gracie received this award for her work developing a structure revision to NDSA governance that will be implemented over the 2018-2019 school year. Gracie provided a positive energy to the organization that encouraged collaboration and consensus-building. Gracie is a sophomore and is majoring in Political Science and English.

Past Recipients: Kevin Gilgallon (MiSU, 2016-2017)

Lisa Johnson, NDUS Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs

The Student Advocate Award is given to any individual – student or non-student – that the General Assembly believes has made a significant, positive improvement to higher education in North Dakota during the academic year.

Lisa Johnson received the Student Advocate Award for 2017-2018. Lisa serves as the Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs for the North Dakota University System (NDUS). Last year through her position in the NDUS, Lisa helped eliminate an unnecessary Student Transcript transfer fee that negatively impacted North Dakota student. Lisa completed her associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees at Minot State University and is continuing her education at North Dakota State University in the Educational Doctoral program. The focus of her dissertation is on institution performance funding.

Past Recipients: Jared Melville (NDSU, 2016-2017)

Ayaka Ohi, MiSU

The NDSA Legacy Award is given to a student graduating from the North Dakota University System who will not be able to vote in future meetings. The General Assembly must believe that this delegate has made a powerful, positive, and reoccurring contribution to the students of North Dakota and higher education throughout their time at the NDSA.

Ayaka Ohi received the NDSA Legacy Award for 2017-2018. Ayaka served as the Director of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs and graduated in 2018 from Minot State University with a degree in Marketing. Ayaka received the NDSA Legacy award for her constant dedication and passion regarding the NDSA and North Dakota students. Despite Ayaka’s position being dissolved due to the NDSA structure revision, she never let that dampen her spirit and continued to passionately advocate for student diversity and integration within the University System. Ayaka is now the Coordinator of Housing at Western Wyoming Community College.