Executive Team

The North Dakota Student Association is led by a team composed of six executives. The President, three Vice Presidents and Council Chief are elected directly by the General Assembly during the April meeting each year. The Chief Administrator is appointed by the NDSA President and confirmed by the General Assembly. Each member of the Executive Team completed a Gallup Strengths Assessment to support the team’s development as a cohesive and productive unit, the details of which are included below.


Jared Melville serves as President of the General Assembly. In this capacity, he is the organization’s chief executive officer and strategic visionary, connecting the interests of students from across the state to advocate on their behalf in the interest of higher education. Jared is excited to spearhead the development of NDSA’s 2019-2023 Strategic Plan, which aims to enhance the legitimacy, sustainability, and focus of the organization. Jared’s greatest ambition this year is to develop NDSA into an organization that can truly be the voice of all North Dakota students. Jared also serves as the Student Member of the North Dakota Economic Development Foundation.

Jared is from Fargo and studies at North Dakota State University. He will receive his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Political Science in May 2019. When he has free time, Jared enjoys writing with his fountain pens and competing with NDSU’s collegiate speech and debate team.

Jared received NDSA’s 2017 Student Advocate Award as the Vice President of Governmental Affairs for his work coordinating the organization’s Legislative Strategy during the 65th Legislative Assembly. Jared is a 2018 recipient of the Harry S. Truman Scholarship for Public Service.

Gallup Themes: Achiever, Analytical, Input, Learner, Competition

Email: jared.m.melville@ndsu.edu
Phone: (701) 200-6191

Vice President of Governmental Affairs

Cambree Smith serves as the organization’s Vice President of Governmental Affairs and lobbyist. Her primary role is to represent the student voice to the North Dakota State Legislature. Cambree’s current project portfolio includes hosting a Higher Education Day conference directed towards statewide policymakers, advocating for the expansion of Open Educational Resources, and working with President Melville in designing the NDSA Legislative Strategy. She wants to ensure higher education is affordable and widely available for all North Dakotans.

Cambree is a Pre-Law student studying Sociology as a sophomore at Minot State University. She likes traveling, yoga, and spending time with her family. Cambree currently works as a Political Intern with Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s reelection campaign.

Gallup Themes: Competition, Futuristic, Achiever, Focus, Significance

Email: cambree.w.smith@minotstateu.edu

Vice President of Finance and Operations

Casey Orvedal, a Fargo native, serves as the Vice President of Finance and Operations. His role is to manage the internal affairs of the organization in order to promote efficiency, professionalism, and legitimacy on all levels. By working to ensure the voices of all students are heard within the organization, Casey hopes to create the best educational experience possible for students so that they may become the best people possible.

Casey studies Business Economics as a junior at the University of North Dakota. In his free time, he enjoys watching both baseball and automotive racing. Casey received NDSA’s 2018 Outstanding Officer Award for his service as the organization’s Parliamentarian during the academic year.

Gallup Themes: Context, Input, Learner, Analytical, Intellection

Email: casey.orvedal@und.edu

Vice President of Communication

Gracie Lian serves as the Vice President of Communication and strives to connect NDSA to students from across the state. She is currently working on improving NDSA’s presence online, rebuilding the organization’s website, and integrating Open Educational Resources throughout the North Dakota University System. Her passion is to ensure North Dakota students are informed on the decisions and conversations occurring at the state level that will affect their education.

Originally from Grand Forks, Gracie chose to further her education at the University of North Dakota. She currently studies English and Political Science as a sophomore in the Honors Program.

When she isn’t in school, Gracie loves to downhill ski and read. Gracie received NDSA’s 2018 Most Dedicated Delegate Award for her role in redesigning the organization’s governance structure. Gracie was named a 2017 North Dakota Scholar.

Gallup Themes: Achiever, Harmony, Input, Learner, Focus

Email: gracie.lian@und.edu

Chief Administrator

Sovi Herring serves as the Interim Chief Administrator and supports the rest of the Executive Team with the execution of their missions. While she maintains the organization’s Office 365 SharePoint and takes minutes during official meetings, Sovi is using what she learns as a Communication and Graphic Design student at Dickinson State University to create marketing materials for NDSA. Her passion is to educate herself and her peers on relevant and pressing issues that face the students of today and tomorrow.

Sovi is from Jackson, Mississippi. Her hobbies include reading, writing, and thriving. She says she will forever hold her experience as the Chief Administrator dear to her heart. Sovi was DSU 2017 Homecoming Royalty.

Gallup Themes: Achiever, Strategic, Learner, Input, Belief

Email: sovi.herring@dickinsonstate.edu

Council Chief

William Fleck serves as the Council Chief, a newly created executive position designed to connect a diverse range of students to the councils, task forces, and working groups established by the North Dakota University System. In addition, the Council Chief acts as a point-of-contact for Head Delegates and works to make sure each student’s needs are adequately represented by the Executive Team. William’s passion is to keep higher education affordable for all students, no matter where they are from. William led and completed NDSA’s first major project for the year, a Voting Guide to help North Dakota students vote in the 2018 General Election.

Born and raised in Mandan, William is a junior studying Computer Science at North Dakota State University. William enjoys running and is proud of his 3.947 college GPA.

Gallup Themes: Harmony, Positivity, Empathy, Includer, Restorative

Email: william.g.fleck@ndsu.edu