Executive Team

The North Dakota Student Association is led by a team composed of seven executives. The President, three Vice Presidents and Council Chief are elected directly by the General Assembly during the April meeting each year. The Chief Administrator is appointed by the NDSA President and confirmed by the General Assembly.


Cambree Smith serves as the organization’s President of the General Assembly. Her primary role is to act as a visionary, and an executive. Cambree’s biggest goal is to ensure higher education is affordable and widely available for all North Dakotans.

Cambree is a Pre-Law student studying Sociology and Management as a sophomore at Minot State University. She likes traveling, yoga, and spending time with her family.

Email: cambree.w.smith@ndus.edu   

Vice President of Governmental Affairs

Taylor Toso serves as the Vice President of Governmental Affairs. He ensures students have a strong voice in legislative matters and state policymaking. Taylor will provide input for relevant legislative studies and collaborate with state policymakers, all while making sure the voice of the students is reflected. He is excited to form new relationships with other student associations in the region, expand college affordability, and promote civic engagement.

Taylor was born and raised in Bismarck and currently studies Political Science as a sophomore at the University of North Dakota. He enjoys playing and watching basketball, listening to music, and keeping up with politics. Taylor received NDSA’s 2019 Most Dedicated Delegate Award for his commitment to the organization as the Director of Governmental Affairs.

Email: taylor.toso@und.edu

Vice President of Finance and Operations

Miranda Petrich serves as the Vice-Chair of UND’s Student Organization Funding Agency (SOFA). She is a member of the Business Leadership Fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi and a member of the International Business Honor Society Beta Gamma Sigma. I formerly served as a Residence Hall Senator, Senate Parlimentarian, College of Business and Public Administration Senator as well as the Head Delegate of UND last year.

Miranda is a Double major in Accountancy and Honors at the University of North Dakota. When she finds time outside of school and work, she enjoys spending time with friends, cheering on the UND Men’s Hockey Team, and watching movies.

Email: miranda.petrich@und.edu

Vice President of Communication

Lindsey Pouliot serves as the Vice President of Communication, helping the entire team more effectively collaborate on any projects that are being taken on. She also is responsible for our social media pages, where she works hard to post meaningful information about the team, events, and what we are up to. Lindsey also works to coordinate our NDUS events, making sure that everything is running smoothly.

Email: lindsey.j.pouliot@ndsu.edu  

Chief Administrator

John Hayes serves as the Chief Administrator, providing support the NDSA’s 365 Sharepoint and website, as well as settings up and taking notes for General Assembly Meetings. Using his background in IT work, he works to reflect the contents of people’s minds into the technology in their hands.

Working toward a degree in Information Systems, and minoring in Computer Science and Cyber Security, John seeks to expand his depth of knowledge in every role he takes. John is from Grand Rapids, Minnesota. When not working for University Classroom service, or for an IT position in the Law School, he enjoys hiking, traveling, gaming, watching movies, and working with computers.

Email: john.s.hayes@und.edu

Chief of Staff

Caleb Eilts serves as the Chief of Staff for NDSA. He has also served as the Director of Public Relations in the past, and has been a committed member for 3 years. As Chief of Staff, Caleb will oversee small affairs with all members

Caleb studies Political Science at the University of North Dakota. As a member fully committed to his job, he works hard to ensure that all of the team’s needs are met at all times. When Caleb has extra time however, he enjoys reading, or watching Netflix. Specifically The Office or Friends.

Email: caleb.eilts@und.edu

Two Year Representative

RJ Tare serves as the Two-year Representative and strives to ensure that two-year institutions have a voice in the North Dakota University System. His goal is to represent the underrepresented and encourage student advocacy. RJ aspires for the voice of NDSA to be represented North Dakota’s legislation.

Originally from the Philippines, RJ chose North Dakota as a thriving place for his future endeavors. He is currently majoring in English as a sophomore at Bismarck State College. In his free time, RJ enjoys group activities, such as volleyball and competitive plays in certain video games. RJ is currently serving as Bismarck State College’s student government president, and he is also the secretary-treasurer of Gaming Mystics club.

Email: rogeljan.tare@bismarckstate.edu